Scion Image

Scion Image

Capture, manage, and enhance various images
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Scion Corporation
License type: Freeware

Display captured digital images, measure their parameters, and manage their content. Analyze and match output and input characteristics, change the view mode, switch between different rendering options. Work with Scion CG-7, LG-3, VG-5 and AG-5 frame grabber boards.

Scion Image may be used to capture, display, analyze, enhance, measure, annotate, and output images. Scion Image extensively supports Scion CG-7, LG-3, VG-5 and AG-5 frame grabber boards, and provides a powerful and complete image acquisition environment.

Scion Image for Windows supports color and grayscale image capture with Scion frame grabbers. It includes advanced capturing capabilities such as frame averaging and summation, frame sequence capture, and on-chip integration support. All current features of NIH Image have been included.

Scion Image is available free of charge. Scion only provides full technical support to users of Scion Image who own a Scion Frame Grabber board. No support will be provided to users who do not own a frame grabber board from Scion. Please note that Scion Image for Windows is currently in beta release and cannot be considered bug free. Scion Image for Windows is available in Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP versions.

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